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  • Are you looking for a job designed just for you?
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  • Are you getting overworked and underpaid ?
  • Put in your best effort yet don't get recognition and respect ?
  • Love your job and want to grow your skill set?
  • Or perhaps, you don't have a job ?

Here at Klaentic Sourcings, we are inspired by innovation. It is our mission to transform human potential into marketable skills. Contact us now to know how you can benefit from our services.

We understand the requirements of an efficient,purpose driven workforce to empower a company into making better and smarter decisions and evolve into a leading enterprise. Take a look at our Corporate Solutions which we provide with a promise of high service quality. Contact us for a customized quote.

We focus on studying your company, your values and your business goals. We work with you to advice  on your manpower structuring, translate your expectations from your manpower into simplified job designs.

What we do

“Time is Money” which is why we have ready to employ solutions available for both Job Seekers and Employers.

Connect People With The Perfect Jobs for Them

We comply with best quality standards set by leading global service providers. We place talents where they can develop and become versatile. Call us today.

Provide Candidate Resources & Career Advice

The employment sector is constantly absorbing new technologies, as such the need for skilled and competent labour arises. We offer one stop solution.

Resume Create &

According to statistics, a resume gets an average of 78 seconds in the hands of a human resource professional. We make sure that it is meticulously designed.

Recent Job Openings

Check out the current openings that we are offering or tell us about your skills and requirements so we can create one just for you.

Create original content. Skilled in writing quality reviews, creating and maintaining multiple social media accounts. Desirable experience in Digital Marketing.

Maintain a clean and safe work environment, have sufficient knowledge of all equipment used by department and any safety requirements during its operation.

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Conceive, define and execute environmental graphics and art installations for interior spaces.

Success Stories

Klaentic Sourcings is a unit of Klaentic Sales and therefore committed to improve the life experiences of everyone we connect with.

“Our promise as a provider of H.R Services and a contractor is to build community value by making every job a unique and enriching experience and to undertake every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional service and quality integration.”

Geronimo Julliano

Our Business Communications Expert

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Candidates & Businesses

Relationships which are derived from successful results and hard earned testimonials possess longevity and these are the relationships we intend to multiply. As a recruiter and trainer we take the time to understand specific needs of each candidate and devise a strategy to fulfill those needs leading to professional and personal growth. Register with us today and start a new journey towards a more enjoyable and unique career path.


Our Expert Team

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Michael T. Wolfe

Career and Life Coach


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Team Lead-Business Development


Tripathi Raj S.

Incharge Public and Corporate Relations

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We are popular among organizations and job seekers alike because we apply and protect our quality standards with great sincerity and efforts. Our biggest rewards are recommendations and referrals from our clients.

“Thanks to Klaentic Sourcings, we’ve just launched our 5th plant!. I made back my investment in just 8 months! Keep up the good work guys”

Nancy C.

Xijiang Solar- Singapore

“We compared and found the customer and services support we received at Klaentic Sourcings is best so far.”

Dinesh Tiwari

Slacklabs Technologies- India

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